Origin and Products

Where are the products produced?

All our products are prepared and packaged in Thailand.

Why are the products produced in Thailand?

We believe that to make a dish authentic, it should be produced in its country of origin and prepared according to traditional recipes. That’s why, following the principle of Field to Fork, we produce all our products ourselves using ingredients that are sourced from the region. The ingredients are then used to prepare our dishes according to finely tuned, tried and tested recipes. This helps us achieve authentic flavours and deliver the pleasure of tasting real Asian food. In addition, we save on long transport routes between our trades and shipping, along our closed value chain.

Why are the products deep-frozen?

Thanks to our shock-freezing technology, the products are deep-frozen at around minus 40º celsius in a very short time. This considerably reduces the size of the ice crystals that form within the foodstuffs as they freeze. As a result, nutrients and texture are preserved and the dishes taste like freshly cooked meals. In addition to great tasting food, the Cubes also have a longer shelf life.

Are the curries cooked with coconut milk?

Coconut milk is a main ingredient in Thai cuisine. That’s why our Cubes are also cooked with natural, creamy coconut milk. The coconut milk makes the curries creamier and softens the spiciness.

Which rice is used for the rice dishes?

For our rice dishes, we use jasmine rice, just as it should be for authentic Asian dishes. Jasmin rice grows in the rice fields of Thailand. It is sticky, smells flowery and is especially suitable for Thai curry dishes.

How are the products packaged?

The Cubes’ packaging is almost all paper. The Cubes are heat-resistant and can be placed in the microwave with the packaging unopened. Each Cube contains two separate boxes within it. The lower box contains the rice or noodles, depending on the dish, and the box above contains the sauce. This concept prevents the rice or noodles from becoming mushy. The Cubes’ packaging has been designed to regulate the heat and gently cook the dishes to perfection, making the dish taste as if it’s been freshly cooked. Because of the direct food contact with the box, the products must be covered with a thin plastic film. We are working to ensure that even this film will soon no longer be necessary.

Assortment and availability

What types of flavours do the Cubes come in?

Our Cubes embrace the vibrant palette of Asian cuisine and thus a wide array of flavours. We have a total of 7 different varieties. Whether mild (0 chillies) or hot (5 chillies), noodles or jasmine rice, red or green curry, with meat or just veggies. But they all have one thing in common: they are authentic and deliciously Asian. Our variety guarantees that there is something for everyone here.

Are there vegan alternatives?

We have a total of three vegan cubes in our range: The Yakisoba with Nudeln, Thai Basilikum Sauce with Nudeln, and the Vegan Red Curry with vegetables on jasmine rice.

Is it possible to order the products online?

Unfortunately, you cannot yet order our products online. But we are working on making the products easily available for everyone.

Where are the products available?

You can find our products at our partner outlets: Tegut, Globus, Kaufland. We are constantly working to expand the availability.

Which varieties are available in the store?

Tegut: Panang Curry Chicken, Spicy Sesame Chicken, Red Curry Vegetable

Globus: Spicy Sesame Chicken, Panang Curry Chicken, Red Curry Chicken, Veggie Yakisoba

Kaufland: Creamy Green Curry Chicken, Spicy Sesame Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Red Curry Vegetable

Will there be more varieties?

At our Center for Food Research and Development, our food experts create new dishes and flavour variations every day. Our chefs then arrange these excellently right up to your moment of enjoyment. The taste trends are constantly changing, but through our research, we keep our finger on the pulse. The first variety was “Red Curry”, which was designed for the Danish market. Since then, new varieties have been added and will continue to be added in the future. We are always happy to receive recipe ideas and suggestions from you.

Preparation and storage

How many servings does a Cube contain?

One Cube equals one regular serving. The servings are perfect for lunches in office or at home, in the evening after workouts and sports, or just a relaxing meal on the couch.

How are the dishes prepared?

The dishes can be prepared very easily and quickly in under 10 minutes in the pan or a microwave.

For the microwave:Simply remove the outer plastic wrap. Keep the Cube closed in the packaging and place in the microwave. Cook the Thai Cube at the highest setting (900 to 1000 watts) for about 5-6 minutes. Then carefully remove the hot box from the microwave and stir before eating.

On the stove: Remove the outer plastic foil for this as well. Empty the box contents in a pan or saucepan and add 4 tbsp of water. Heat over medium heat for about 8-9 minutes, stirring several times. Serve on a plate.

How many products will fit in my freezer?

The Cubes are space-saving and measure 9,2 T x 10,5 L x 10,3 H. This means that approx. 9 pieces could easily fit in a small freezer compartment.

What is the shelf life of the dishes?

Although the dishes are delivered to the retailer with a remaining shelf life of at least 365 days, the storage time in the retail outlet has a corresponding effect on the best-before date. The date can be found visibly printed on the products.

Can the products be stored in the refrigerator?

Yes, the products can be stored in the refrigerator for two days after thawing without any problems. But the Cube mustn’t be frozen again after it has been thawed.