Tom Kha Chicken with Jasmine Rice

🥥 Loved not just in Thailand but also far beyond, thanks to the coconut milk that lends its soft creamy flavouring to the otherwise hot and spicy Tom Kha Gai. It also happens to be one of the tastiest dishes, thanks to the tender chicken, and the Thai ginger and lemongrass seasonings. Time for you to fall in love with it too.


Ingredients: Cooked jasmine rice 47% (water, of which jasmine rice 41%, sunflower oil), cooked chicken meat 18%, water, tomato, onion, sugar, champignon, carrot, coconut extract 2%, salt, soybean oil, galangal 0.5%, corn starch, chilli, lemongrass, yeast extract, dextrose, sunflower oil, acidity regulators (E330), color (E160c).


In the microwave

  1. Remove the outer plastic film.
  2. Heat the frozen Kitchen Joy product in the box in the microwave on the highest setting (900 to 1000 watts) for about 5-6 minutes.
  3. Carefully remove the hot box from the microwave and stir before eating.

On the stove

  1. Remove the outer plastic film.
  2. Place the contents of the box and 4 tablespoons of water in a pan or saucepan and heat over medium high heat for about 8-9 minutes, stirring several times.
  3. Serve on a plate. Enjoy the journey to Asia!


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One FAQ in advance: Yes, all Thai Cubes are prepared on-site in Thailand. 🇹🇭